Minimal Radar Cross Section

  • Casing design to minimise RCS
  • Environmental Protection

Options for Design

  • Lightweight variant
  • Uncovered (reduced size and weight with low RCS)
  • Reduced cover (lower RCS)
  • Full cover (minimal RCS)
  • Reduce number of barrels for lighter variant

Trainable Launcher

  • Fully electro-mechanical
  • 130mm calibre backwards compatible with NATO standard rounds
  • Variable calibre capability up to 150mm
  • Response time less than 3 seconds
  • Stabilised barrel pointing
  • Stabilised 10 to 70 degrees elevation
  • High slew rates
  • ±240 degrees training coverage
  • 6 degrees of freedom

Technical Specifications

Weight <1200 Kg
Response <3 sec from stow position
Azimuth Slew Rate >80 deg/sec
Elevation Slew Rate > 75 deg/sec
Deck Footprint 2m diameter
Height <2.5m
Calibre 130mm (adaptable)
Power Supply 440V 3 Phase
Operation Electro-mechanical
Operational Modes Automatic