Successful Technical Firings

Chemring Countermeasures Ltd is excited to announce the successful completion of proof firings that mark the end of Phase 3 of the development of its fully trainable, multi-role launcher, CENTURION®.

Initially conceived to deliver accurate placement of advanced countermeasures to optimize anti-ship missile defence, CENTURION®'s innovative design now also boasts inherent versatility.  This latter feature enables it to deploy a wide range of other effectors including anti-torpedo decoys and, through a collaboration agreement with Raytheon Missile Systems, short range surface-to-surface missiles.  These capabilities make CENTURION® a truly multi-role system and, given its lightweight construction, it has application CENTURION firing CCM216from patrol boats through to major combatents.

Phase 3 took the initial concept demonstrator, fired in late 2010, through a rigorous development programme that included:

  • Mechanical design optimization to increase elevation coverage
  • Development of launcher drive and operational software
  • Hard and software firing circuit control
  • Centurion firing TALOSDesign and assessment of RCS reduction methods

Phase 4 will focus on further developing the software and undertaking pre-production activities to optimize and ruggedize the design prior to entering environmental testing.

May's technical firings provided a major stepping stone in bringing this lightweight, versatile and highly capable system into service.  The ability of CENTURION® to address both threat diversity and intensity by countering an increasingly varied number of threats, brought together in closely coordinated attacks, makes it a world-leading solution.