Performance Trials in mid 2013

Since the concept demonstrator firings in October 2010, which successfullly proved the mechanical capability of the unique vertical stowage of barrel and rounds, the CENTURION® design has moved on significantly.

Learning from these initial firings and informed by emerging modelling, it was apparent that the minimum elevation angle of 20º was insufficient to be truly effective; the barrel needed to achieve an angle of 0º elevation.  To realize this requirement the design was adapted by inverting the actuator connection point from the original link at the base of the pintle to the top. This new arrangement provides excellent coverage and control.

The goals of the current phase of the programme, which completes in mid 2013, have been the production of the launcher drive and operational software; firing circuit control; computers and associated cabinets; and the design and assessment of the minimal RCS cover.  All of these developments are being integrated and will culminate in dynamic performance trials and live firings of a single launcher in mid 2013.