Chemring Unveils Latest Concept for its CENTURION Launcher

From a simple sketch in July 2009 and Concept Demonstrator firings only fifteen months later, Chemring has demonstrated exceptional speed in developing the novel CENTURION naval countermeasure launcher. The programme now focuses on the build of a Prototype Bravo launcher, featuring an improved cover to reduce its radar cross section, by November 2011.

The latest design extends the angle of elevation to between 0 and 70 degrees with extremely good azimuth arcs which enable the payloads to be individually positioned to create a desired pattern, producing an optimal signature to the incoming missile. The new design also increases the choice of payloads that can be deployed thereby extending capability into other warfare areas, including counter torpedo and anti surface threats. The stabilised CENTURION launcher provides excellent payload placement enabling a layered defence against Anti-Ship Missiles utilising Confusion, Distraction and Seduction techniques.

The CENTURION system provides an innovative, state of the art launcher solution that delivers maximum soft kill effectiveness, reduces the need for ship manoeuvre and offers the optimal response to high weight of attack. These key features together with its multi warfare capability and versatile all electric design makes it the ideal multi-purpose launcher.

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