Chemring Countermeasures Concept Demonstration and Firing of the CENTURION® Trainable Launcher

Chemring Countermeasures Ltd (CCM) has successfully demonstrated their concept for an innovative, fully trainable 12 barrel 130mm calibre naval decoy launcher, CENTURION® . The demonstrations, which included dynamic positioning, loading and a salvo firing, took place on 10th & 11th November, to an audience of End Users, Industry and Media representatives followed the first test firing of CENTURION® on 20 October, just 15 months from conception of the idea.

CENTURION® offers the ultimate Soft Kill solution for all naval platforms to counter current, emerging and future threats. A unique feature of the launcher is the vertical storage of the rounds on a rotating plinth, thereby minimising firing and rotational forces. The whole assembly is enclosed within a Radar Cross Section (RCS) reduction cover, which also provides a level of protection from the elements. In operation, the cover and plinth independently rotate to the demanded azimuth bearing, the barrel is then depressed to the required firing elevation, and this positioning is achieved in less than 3 seconds.

Compatible with all 130mm countermeasures, including ASW variants, CENTURION® optimises the performance of existing active and passive decoys, but it has been developed in conjunction with CCMs' latest family of Variable Range advanced rounds, thus providing a complete Soft Kill solution.

The rounds in the Variable Range family include multi-payload Seduction decoys containing IR, RF or Obscurants, and high performance Distraction rounds. The variants will have data interfaces with the Control Computer. This interface enables an "any round in any barrel" strategy thereby maximising out load optimisation and providing excellent response to multiple attacks.

Of innovative design that allows a small deck footprint, no deck penetration, low Through Life Cost and maximum flexibility to embrace future requirements, CENTURION® delivers accurate positioning of the decoy thus maximising ship replication and therefore platform protection.

"This is a major step change in Soft Kill capability which conveys many very significant advantages to the maritime commander, in particular , being able to achieve the optimum firing solution with minimum ship manoeuvre", says Steve Kerchey, Senior Business Manager Naval, "CENTURION® is an exciting project that is attracting much interest from major companies and customers".